Welcome to Thinking Science!

I’ve been dreaming of starting this blog for a while now, and the New Year has inspired me to finally get things rolling. (Note: I wrote this over a month ago, and now I am really, truly, finally starting. Please don’t laugh!)

With two young children at home, a love for science, and a husband who is a physics education researcher, my thoughts often turn toward science education. I want to encourage my children to explore the world scientifically and to be enthusiastic about learning science, math, technology, and engineering.

I plan to use this blog as a place to organize and share many of the great resources that I’ve come across. Also, while it’s relatively easy to gather ideas, actually putting the ideas into practice is an entirely different story. I’m hoping that by documenting my family’s science explorations here, we will all be inspired to continue in our work. Finally, I know that creativity begets creativity—the more I’m actively involved in doing science with my kids, the more ideas we’ll have for future explorations!




  1. Ben Zwickl says:

    I’m looking forward to many fun posts in the future, Jill!

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